Tallent Ward

Talent Ward is an incubation idea initiated by Pragmatic Youth Empowerment and meant for young people in the Upper East and other deprived Regions of Ghana. The idea envisions a grooming space for youth startups in TVET related businesses in the region whereby Pragmatic Youth will be providing them with businesses development support, technical support and working space. We believe the economic transformation in Africa relies upon her human resources and for a continent with the majority of its people being youth, it is only necessary for institutions, governments, and all concern civil society groups to focus on providing technical and vocational training to empower young people for this challenge. If you are reading this and wish to participate in making it a reality, please do not hesitate to contact us so that together we can cause a system change.


There are schools in Ghana where children have very little and sometimes no motivation at all to stay in school. They are hardly meaningfully engaged in the classrooms mostly due to insufficient teaching staff, the poor conditions of the school facilities or their inability to study on an empty stomach since most of these children come from deprived communities and financially weaker homes.

what we do is to provide supplementary education to these children at no cost through our hardworking volunteers and with support from members and stakeholders from the communities. The government of Ghana is burdened with multiple international loans with unfriendly terms and conditions, one of such is an embargo on employment leaving some sectors understaffed and this has a negative implication on the empowerment of young people so, therefore, there is the need for a pragmatic approach to equipping the youth for a competitive future.  We at PYEM believe we can contribute to human development no matter and we do that by providing supplementary lessons and integration to help create exposer among children and young people.

YAP proposal #276: Farming Palm Weevils (Ansah Boatemaa, Ghana)


larvae stage in palm mashI am Ansah Boatemaa, 24, an environmental activist in Cape Coast, Ghana. I am the Programme Manager for Green Africa Youth Organization in Ghana, and a teaching assistant at the University of Cape Coast. I am passionate about food security and climate change, agricultural waste management, and climate-smart agriculture. These are my research interests.

Our project is focused on introducing insect (Rhynchophorus spp) farming in Ghana, as a cheap, readily available nutritious source of food for local impoverished communities.

Palm weevil, Rhynchophorus spp, are excellent low-cost sources of protein and essential nutrients. They have low-carbon footprint, if farmed as a commercial enterprise. In Ghana, Palm weevils serve as a traditional meal for natives of most rural societies but are not farmed for consumption.

Palm weevil farming is a low-cost enterprise in terms of supplies and labour. The larvae reaches maturity within three months and can be harvested for consumption—very…

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Second Edition of Pragmatic Quiz

Pragmatic Quiz, a program of Pragmatic Youth Empowerment Movement(PYEM) is a sustainable platform for developing young people’s interest in reading and increase academic performance in rural communities. We have organised several programs inline with Media skills training, building stage confidence and quizzes competitions. We have also written and published a high school essential on English, Mathematics and Science title Pragmatic Quiz which we give to underprivileged students.

Rollei Digital Camera
Rollei Digital Camera


Most pupils dropout out due to lack of motivation to stay in class rooms and other economic reasons, there are limited integrated activities among basic schools apart from inter school games… Pragmatic quiz is the platform where different schools compete in different ways preparing them for the future and promoting class room engagement. This time, we are organizing training workshop for eight Junior High Schools which will be followed by pragmatic quiz on six subjects in the curriculum of GES. .

Each participant will be given textbooks, past questions on three subjects and five exercise books. Participating schools are to be given range of prices including writing boards and citations. .

You can donate cash or volunteer services like video taking, provision of party paraphernalia, among others Contact Desmond on 0246083030/0505765447/0248628290

The Pragmatic Quiz; A call for action.

Education is given in totality; therefore it must entail learning through training and
problem solving, considering language and effective public speaking skills and above all
behaviour in the direction of care and share. Ghanaian education has since not created
enough avenues for children to fully practice these model. There are limited activities
that aid pupil to gain exposure and self-confidence, such as speak and prize giving days,
quizzes and debates are not common among public basic schools. Thus the curriculum
does not have adequate platforms for self-discovery.
Poor level of integration among basic schools in Ghana is another setback; Apart from interschool sporting
activities, there are no general educational activities that bring together basic schools on
the same platform to compete among themselves
The pragmatic quiz is a quiz program designed to improve participant’s performance in
the following subject areas, mathematics, English, Science, ICT and Citizenship education.
the programme provides a more sustainable plat form of building knowledge and
increasing levels of enlightenment among young people at the basic levels of education
in Ghana and above all make them familiarise themselves with all topics necessary for
progress in their academic life. Passionate of making a change, we bring the pupil from rural schools to contest with their colleagues from the cities to help equip them for the Basic Education Certificate Examination.
With Citizenship ship education; I believe that the quality of the Ghanaian citizen is
mainly depended on knowing the rights and responsibilities of the individual and making
them part of that individual’s life. Young people have a remarkable ability of adapting to what
they are being taught and making it part of their lives at the playgrounds, class rooms
and even at home. This means that teaching the child to understand the constitution of
Ghana would improve on the knowledge of the rule of law and this will help us build a
society of devoted and patriotic citizens.
English language, mathematics and integrated science are the key subjects that form the
foundation of secondary education and hence there is the need to make the people
understand very well these subjects before they enter senior high school, which is what the quiz programme is focused on.
In this programme, we create scenarios which make the children argue among
themselves and come to a logical conclusion with this they hardly forget what they learnt. Our hope is that, Ghanaians and non-citizens who are willing to cause a change in the future of children will join us in this quest.
Alugnoa, Desmond Nsobila
email; alugnoadesmond@yahoo.com blog:www.pragmaticyouth@wordpress.com Contact:+233(0)246083030